Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jesse, Laura, and Whitney

Hello, all! I thought it would be fun if everyone made an introduction post to the blog, so I'll start with myself and my family. I'm Laura, Larry's second-oldest. Here's me with my dad at my wedding in June '05.

Here's me with my husband, Jesse, when we were dating. I think we're headed to see Les Miserables in this pic.

This is our lovely daughter, Whitney, born Groundhog Day 2007.

Here's a shot of all six of Larry's kids:

Jesse & I moved to the Denver area last December, before Whitney was born, and we love it here, especially the opportunity to own our own home and live near his parents, who have been a great help. We're glad Whitney will be able to form a close relationship with her grandparents.

Jesse works at Lockheed Martin on the new space-thingy that's going to replace the space shuttle soon, which will go back to the moon and on to Mars. Maybe Whitney will be the astronaut who flies in it one day!

Jesse's very involved with Whitney; I like to call him SuperDad.

We love Jesus and are raising Whitney to love him too! I used to be a teacher, but I'm staying home with Whitney now and I love it. I'm also working on my portfolio because I want to be a children's book author/illustrator. Here's some stuff I've done lately:

That's all for now, but if this post turned out okay, I'm sure I'll be posting more soon. :o) Looking forward to reading everyone else's introductions, too!


Larry said...

Thanks Laura, Great selection of pictures. I love your artwork. Sorry you couldn't travel with Whitney for the reunion. Next year we're sponsoring it in Pacifica so plan a trip home and hopefully some of your cousins will make it out here as well.

Love Dad

rayecheal said...

Hey, thanks for the pictures, their great!

Anna McGee said...

I LOVE that picture of Whitney in the spacesuit, precious!