Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John A Maynes: 2nd GGrandfather

John A Maynes, 2nd great grandfather was born in Ireland on 26 Aug 1826. He married Jane Watson in 1847 in England. She joined the church in 1850. He joined later in 1857. They moved to London around 1862. One of his sons, Joseph Watson Maynes was also born on Aug 26th (1858). His son (our ancestor) John A Maynes II moved to Salt Lake City in 1879 at age 20 and lived with his married sister who had come earlier. Their mother came later and lived in Salt Lake when she died in 1898. John A Maynes the 1st is believed to have died in New York in 1883 (age ~57). Both Joseph and John A the II returned to England as missionaries with their wives and both died during their missions, in their 50's. When we lived in Delaware (~1985), there was a young missionary, Sister Maynes assigned to our ward who was a descendent through Joseph.

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