Friday, August 15, 2008

4 Months

Yea... Daniel is now almost 5 months old. Sorry that this is a little late but better late than never, he he.., just kidding. Well you see Adam and i just moved and we did not have any internet or phone till yesterday so now i am getting caught up on some things here and there.
Daniel is doing really well, we went and saw his doctor a couple of weeks ago and he is perfectly healthy. He now weights 15lb and 8oz. He is also 24" tall. Daniel loves to laugh and to just play. He is also teething and should have is first one in with in the next couple of weeks, sometimes he just sits there and cries and i just tell him that it will all be over in a year or so.... Then he just gets louder but oh well.

This past month He figured out how to suck is thumb, toes, and how to kick. He has not rolled over yet but we are working on that. Although he does lobe to stand and jump. So i don't know. Daniel also loves his baths. We recently moved in to a bigger apartment and now have a full size tub. So he does not have to use the baby tub anymore, this is were he learned how to splash and think it is the greatest thing, and loves it when the water gets in his face.
So here are some new pictures of Daniel the one of him playing with is feet was yesterday so it is the newest of them.
I will also try to get some pictures of our house soon it is just such a mess from moving in. If any of you need out new phone number of address let me know and I would be glad to get them to you. Anyways I got to run but I really hope that all of you are doing really well and hope to here from you soon.


Adam Betsy & Daniel

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