Friday, October 2, 2009

2010 Family Reunion

Hi Everyone,
I've had a couple conversations with mom's cousin Brenda (Stoddard) about the family reunion next year. (Uncle Roy's daughter.) She is in charge of their family reunion and thought it would be fun to combine the two groups. So far we have talked about still having it in Klamath Falls but the date is up for discussion. Would you prefer . . .

July 4th weekend

July 24th weekend

Please let me know so we can start getting things pinned down a bit better. Once we have decided on a weekend, I will start gathering all the information as to where people can stay, how much things cost and what kind of activities to plan. I know it's early, so for now we just want to get the date.


Lloyd said...

About having it the first week in August. If not that, then We would like it better over the 24 Jul weekend.

Lloyd said...

Cherry, my comment got partly left out. We are off from the temple after Wed 21 Jul until Mon Jul 26. We then work the whole week (TU-FR)
27-30 Jul. We are then off until 24 Aug. So our lst choice is during the 1st week in August. 2nd chjoice weekend of jul 22-26 with travel time on Jul 22 and Jul 26.
Grandpa & Grandma We missed you at our reunion this year at Heidi's cabin

Patti said...

What a fun idea to combine with the Maynes reunion! REally hope we can be there. Our first choice would be 4th of July because then we know we have at least one day off but if we know far enough in advance then we can ask for vacation, hopefully

Larry said...

I have a week off at the 4 th of July as well .

britt said...

I would prefer the 4th of July. I will be in Texas the week of the 24th.

Kleigh and Jenn said...

in august early would be better for us. kc says we are going to try and make in next year. 4th of july will be way to expensive for us.

school will start around august 16-20th here so we have to plan around that what about june as well

Joshua J. McGee said...

I have the Friday before the 4th off, so that works better for us.

Michele said...

July 24th would be better for us. Melody has girls camp 4th of July