Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heritage of Faith

When we were back home last, Mom passed on to me this family Bible. It's available for anyone to see when you come and vist us. In case that's not practical, here are some photo's to help you feel the experience.


Larry said...
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Larry said...

The spine of the book has 'Holy Bible' embossed in the leather.

The front cover of the book has this embossed lettering:
'Issued at a reduced price.- Eighteen Pence-
British and Foreign Bible Society'
in a circular arrangement.

Larry said...

There is a small newspaper clipping pinned to the inside first page. It looks like a list of historical events. The wording is:

1866- The steamship "Colorado"
sailed from Liverpool, England
with 600 saints under the direc-
tion of William B. Preston. It
arrived at New York July 28, and
the company reached Benton,
Aug. 7th

(for perspective, her daughter Seline Jane Sabine was born in 1861 and had her 5th birthday the day after they arrived in New York.)

Larry said...

The inside front cover also lists her parents, brothers and sisters with birth and some death dates.

The inside back cover includes her husband and kids as well as this inscription.

Jane Sabine joined
The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latterday
Saints April 6/ 1857

in very large script.

Followed by this addition:

Jane Sabine Died June 11
1891 at 4 minets to 2 O'clock
P.M. of peunomia after
a illness of six days.

She was 65 years old.

Larry said...

This is the personal Bible of Jane Holder Sabine. My great great grandmother. She signed and dated the Bible in 1844 when she was 18 years old. Here are the words on the inside front cover before she recorded her family names.

Oh may these heavenly pages
My ever dear delight
and still new beauty may I see
And still increasing ,,,,, light
Devine instructor: gracious Lord
Be thou ever near
Teach me to love thy sacred word
And view my Saviour there