Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Reunion 2010

I know it's very early to be talking details about the reunion but now that we are trying to combine with Uncle LeRoy and Aunt Mary's family, it takes a bit more logistical work. Ruth has contacted me to let me know it is actually her turn to host so I am now working out details with her. Here is what we have tentatively set so everyone is in the loop as well.

Mom and I decided that the weekend of July 24th would work best for her to be able to make it and since it's technically her turn to host, I want to make sure she's here. That would be Thursday through Sunday (the 22nd through the 25th.) Tentatively, this is what Mom and I discussed:

  • Thursday night: Big family dinner for those who can come in on Thursday
  • Friday: Tourist activities on your own to include a) Crater Lake about an hour away, b) Central Point Temple about an hour and a half away, c) Lava Beds & Caves about an hour away, etc.
  • Saturday: Family Reunion day. Thinking it would be fun to gather at a park for games and then a big lunch, then a putting challenge at the Running Y which is very family friendly and fairly cheap. Then dinner and (legal) fireworks most likely at our house in Klamath Falls.
  • Sunday: People can return home or can go to church on their own. I could provide info later for those who want it.
There are a number of options for staying here. The resort,, is spendy yes. If we had enough people who could/would stay at the Lodge there or in a vacation rental, I could get a better rate but it would probably still be over $100/night per family. There is also a KOA, several smaller hotels in Klamath Falls and the campground hookups on base (Kingsley Field.) For better information, check out our Chamber's website We are also planning on opening up our home as much as possible but space is somewhat limited so let me know if that would be your preference so we can map out sleeping spaces.

Is there anything else you would like more information about? Let me know and I can do a Q & A. We will also look into starting up a Reunion website of some sort as well.


Cherry Wolf said...

Mom wanted me to clarify that Thursday's dinner is completely optional so don't stress if you can't come in that day. We will probably make it a potluck.


Larry said...

Cherry I went to the website of your resort. (You work there. Correct?) It shows me prices of $0.00 for a 3 day stay in a 3 bedroom vacation rental. Sounds like a good deal. I get to the point where it wants my credit card information. I'm concerned it will show me a different price after I give it the numbers. Is there a way to see the real prices before I enter a card number?

Cherry Wolf said...

Larry, the rental manager says this has been fixed.