Saturday, October 3, 2009

Congratulations.. Brigham City

New temple for Brigham City.

Just in time. Now Mom and Dad can walk to the Temple. Any ideas where it will be located? The old Central School site?

President Monson said that there are 130 temples now operating, 16 already announced or under construction and five more announced today. So that means Brigham has a good chance of being #150 which would go well with Mom and Dad's record.

St. Louis #50
Boston #100
Brigham City ~#150


Lloyd said...

Your comments are similar to what I have been telling some of the members of the famil. In order for Brigham City to #150, the 16 temples previously announced have to finished and then BC must be the 4th of these 5. I heard tonight that the Honduras temple has been cancelled by the country because its height exceeds the catholic church so they are looking for another place. Also the Kyiv Ukraine temple was first announced in 1998 and is still a long way to go. They announced temple presidents for 3 temples in the church news today for service starting in 2010, The Gila Valley, AZ; Ciba City, PI; Vancouver, BC so each of these are foing to be dedicated next year.

rayecheal said...

Actually, the Ukraine temple is a lot closer to completion than most people realize. I get updates through my email and they have already put Moroni on top. I think they are estimating completion of the temple to be by the end of next year.

Larry said...

Comment on the location:
Maybe too far to walk?
Frederick M. Huchel has authored several local histories on Box Elder County and the Box Elder Tabernacle, citing Brigham Young as telling Lorenzo Snow that a temple would someday be built in Brigham City, specifically on the gravel eminence just east of the city cemetery.

Lloyd said...

I read the comments about the statement Brigham Young made about the temple in BC above the Cemetary. That seems to us to be a great possibiltity but a little south since just east of the cemetary is now occubpied by a lot of expensive homes in the 11th watd. That would be in the confluence of where the road to Logan goes from 2ndsouth and the one coming up from 11th South.
Another possibility is a little north of Brigham city towards the mountain, i.e. Harper Ward/Honeyville

Patti said...

Do you think they would consider just renovating the tabernacle? Isn't that what they did in Vernal? Why is that I was told my growing up years that BC would NEVER have a temple because it was too close to Ogden and Logan? How did the Brigham Young comment never make it to me????? Hmmmm??? conspiracy???? Just kidding