Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Reunion excitement

From a note on my facebook.

So miracles happen every day. Are they only miracles when things turn out the way we want? I know some who reject most miracles because not everyone gets the miracle that they want. Myself, I look for the hand of God and have no trouble seeing it where ever I glance. I pray for my own kids that they can have experiences that open their eyes to the power around us.

So the whole family was traveling yesterday to reach a reunion in Oregon. I had talked with Heidi at around 9:30 am and then decided to call at 1pm to see how they were progressing. They had slept in Winnemucca and started out around 9am. This time, my Dad answered the phone and asked if 'we'd heard about what happened'. No. so what happened? Apparently 3 hours into the drive, Dad had gone off the road down the embankment. No one was injured and they were back on the road with just some damage to a car door.
Bob and Rachel were driving ahead of them, saw the cloud of dust and then turned back to see what happened. The car was stuck at the bottom of the embankment but Bob was able to get it out and back to the road. Some Oregon State Patrol men stopped by and noted the incident and that there were no injuries. Heidi is doing the driving for the rest of the day.

As Bob described it, near the bottom of the slope, they hit a concrete culvert (that caused the door damage) which caused the car to quit sliding (and tipping) sideways and turned its motion back in line with the wheels so they could roll to a stop. Mom said it was very scary and she expected it to roll over at anytime but that they were calm during the time it was happening. After they stopped, the kids started screaming and the reality of the close call set in.

The day started with a prayer for protection. So were they unprotected because they went off the road? ... or from the eyes of a believer were they protected as they went off the road such that the car didn't rollover and no one was hurt.

Myself, I look for the hand of God and have no trouble seeing it where ever I glance including yesterday.


rayecheal said...

Wow! I am glad that everyone is ok!!! How was the reunion? Wish I could have been there!

Lloyd said...

Great jobLarry in putting together the story of our incident. It is somewhat of a tear jerker. When we pray for protection, the Lord is telling us that he will do His best to protect us but we have to to our part also. So he couldn't keep the car on the road but he took care of it so it came to a reasonable stop and we were able to escape without personal injuries. Thanks for all that you the rest of the family do for us.