Friday, July 9, 2010

Rachel A.

finally got her invitation to start training for the foreign service! DC HERE [she] COME[s]!!!

[Hey Rachel... you are in charge of this blog!...How come we have to find this news on Facebook first?]


Digger said...

Welcome to the Foreign Service! I have added a link to your blog to my blogroll of future FS blogs at

Larry said...

P.S. Congratulations. Give us some more details!

rayecheal said...

To answer your question: I was feeling spiteful because no one remembered my birthday . . . J/K! :)

The real answer is that I got the offer right before I had to leave to go back to work, so I just didn't have time. I didn't even fully read the information they sent me, but I was so excited I had to tell someone. In fact, I just got off work, and am just now able to read the invitation all the way through! I'll post something with more information a little later.

Larry said...

Hey, Patti is in charge of Birthdays for living people. I take care of those who have moved on.

We're looking forward to your updates.