Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pick and Flower of England

James Sabine and Jane Holder [GreatGreatGrandparents] with their son and daughter would have emigrated to America in a company similar to the one illustrated in this clip. Jane Holder Sabine joined the Church in 1859. They emigrated in 1866. I earlier posted about Jane Holder Sabine's Bible.


Larry said...

Rachel, for some reason the embedded version is cut-off on the side, while the linked version gets you the full frame. Is there a setting you can adjust? Also could you add the 'search' feature to the blog. I was trying to find an old post on Jane Holder but could only do it by looking at every old post.


rayecheal said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the embedded link being cut off. It didn't show that way on my screen, but I've adjusted the size, so I hope that fixes it for you.

Also, I added the search feature. I've set it to just search this blog.

Larry said...

Thanks Rachel. The new changes are very helpful. I found the links and updated this post.