Thursday, July 29, 2010

More distant cousins

A few months back, I posted on a distant Maynes cousin and his recent call to be mission president in Denver South. I am a 3rd cousin with him. This picture shows his daughter and her family. So this mother is a 4th cousin with Laura. The kids are just over 2 and about 6 months. The picture comes from a blog they recently started, titled 'I love Claire too'. Their oldest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in the beginning of July. The blog records the fear and faith that they are experiencing.

One comment from an early post(July 10th):
Since the diagnosis, praying has become more of an open dialogue rather than an event, and I called out to Heavenly Father and asked why an innocent two-year old has to suffer through so much that she can't even understand. I wasn't angry, I just didn't get it. I still don't, but the response made me feel like I don't have to. A distinct impression came to me... "She's my daughter too". That was all I was told, but it was enough. Thinking about it, I realized she was his daughter first, and He loves her at least as much as I do...

Reading it brought back a lot of memories for me from the time my family was dealing with chemotherapy. Very different because it was an adult patient, yet in many ways very similar as the fear of the unknown future was relieved by prayer and the power of Priesthood blessings to reassure that all would be well. Also similar were the many people who supported us through that time with dinners and help. It is so great to be part of the household of faith to be able to help out in situations like this and to have that help and concern extended. I encourage you to read though their stories and to include them in your thoughts and prayers.

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