Wednesday, July 27, 2011

IMPORTANT!!!! Reunion Changes

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know about some last minute changes to the Family Reunion plans. I am attempting to make sure that everyone who wants to attend will have the opportunity to do so. Because Betsy is on bed-rest, she would be unable to go to the park and because Davy has been sick, Bob's family would be unable to go all the way to Brigham. As such, we have decided that it might be better for everyone to hold the reunion at our home in West Valley. This way Betsy would be able to stay sitting down comfortably and Bob's family would be able to stay a little closer to home.

As for the schedule, everything will be basically the same.

Bountiful Temple Trip
    Meet in the chapel before 9am
Lunch at our home
    Please come even if you don't go to the Temple

Games at our house
Dinner at our home

Again, I know this is VERY last minute so PLEASE let me know if this change is going to be a problem AT ALL.

These are the people who have talked with me about attending the reunion:
-Lloyd & Marna (2 Coming)
-Larry & Michele (6 Coming)
     -Rachel Atwood (1 Coming)
     -Sara (1 Coming)
     -Elizabeth (1 Coming)
     -Becky (1 Coming)
-Jim & Carla (4 Coming)
    -Josh & Catie (4 Coming)
    -Adam & Betsy (3 Coming)
-Bob & Rachel (? Maybe)
-Patti & Frank (2 Coming)
-Heidi & Monty (4 Coming)


Larry said...

OK with us.

Thanks for letting us break in your new home.

Catie said...

Thanks Larry, I really hope this will help everyone feel more comfortable. BTW, I saw some pictures of your little ones (SOOOO cute!!!) and I'm excited to meet them. Benjamin is excited to share his swing-set and sandbox.