Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daniel's 6 Months old!!!!

Well we have made it to six months and Daniel is doing great. It has been a fun month. One of Daniel's favorite things to do at church is to be as loud as he can during the Hymns. I think it is kinda cute that he is trying to sing. As soon as the music stops he just sits there and is quite till the prayer is over.

He also loves to roll around. He gets himself stuck up next just about anything that is on the floor and if it is small enough it goes into the mouth. And keeping things off the floor is a bigger task then I had imagined. The other day I was doing laundry and the sheets were all in a pile on the floor and he managed to get himself all wraped up and stuck in them he thought it was the greatest thing. Daniel is also learning how to sit up. Although he can do it, he just has to figure this balancing thing out.
We are not sure how much he weights now or how tall he is cause we missed his Dr. appointment so I will have to send an update later in October.

We have been experimenting with solid food for a couple of weeks now, mostly just rice cereal. But this week I decided to start something new so were trying sweet potatoes this week... He LOVES them!! I was laughing so hard but we did managed to get a few good pictures. I think that next month he might be a little orange in the skin but oh well, he will still be cute. I told him that next week we are going to try squash and he got really excited, so we will see.
We love taking care and raising this wonderful little boy. He is truly a blessing and a handful all at the same time. But I really do enjoy it and I look forward to the days ahead. It is so neat to watch him discover new things. And to see him get excited when Adam comes home from work is really fun. I cant wait for the hugs and the kisses that he will be able to give in a few more months. Being a Mom is truly a blessing.
Well we will talk more later.
Adam Betsy & Daniel


britt said...

hey, those pictures are so cute. I love hearing about what he is doing love you guys

rayecheal said...

Cute pictures! That must be exciting moving on to solid foods, for all of you!