Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elsie Gifford McGee: Grandmother

Elsie Gifford McGee was born 29 Oct 1895, the youngest of 13 kids of her parents, Alpheus and Sarah Elizabeth. This is a photo of her at age 58 in about 1953. She was born in Springdale Ut, which is surrounded by Zions National Park. At the time, the park didn't exist and her father and brothers used to haul timber out of the high places for use as lumber.

The picture is of a mountain called Cable Mountain. They used to run a zipline off the mountain to bring logs down to the valley floor. Occasionally they'd ride the cable themselves.

She married Ross McGee when she was 26. She got a whole family all at once and then added 6 more of their own.

Grandma McGee was a great cook. She had a large coal burning stove in her kitchen. They raised their own chickens and grew vegetables. They had the fattest carrots I've ever seen and her pickled beets were pretty remarkable as well. She passed away in 1976 at age 80.

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