Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John A Maynes II: Greatgrandfather

John A Maynes II was born 28 Oct 1859 in England. He and his family joined the Church in England. He was baptized in 1875. Soon thereafter he came to Utah where he met his wife, another immigrant from England Selina Jane Sabine. They were married in the Logan Temple in 1882 which seems unusual. (It was dedicated in 1884. Dad, can you find out if it was being used before its dedication?) They had 6 kids in 8 years and then a straggler 13 years later. We come through his oldest, John A Maynes III. The youngest was Dorothy born in 1903. John and Selina served a mission as a couple back to England in 1913-1915, taking their youngest with them. John died on his mission in 1915 at age 55. His slightly older brother Joseph(born Aug 1858) had also returned to England as a missionary with his wife in 1910 and died on his mission in 1912 when he was 53. Both brothers had been members of the Tabernacle Choir in Utah, but before the days of recorded performances.

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