Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Bob!

I'm trying to get back on the ball! But apparently my computer is not cooperating. If I ever get it figured out I'll post a picture for ya! For some reason it is taking an extremely long time to upload pictures to the blog.

Sorry for slacking lately. Our house went through some major upheaval this last week. Frank and I went up to Las Vegas to the Renaissance Festival so Frank could add to his sword collection and the day after we got back we went to the animal shelters to find the new additions to our family. Frank promised me after Nikita passed that we could wait until after Vegas and he held to his promise :-)
So we now have Sadie (a four month old puppy) and Molly (a 10 month old puppy) training us on how to be puppy parents again.
Well pictures when my computer stops acting up
Happy late birthday Monty and Dad! (and also thinking about Derek who's birthday was the 12th too)