Thursday, July 14, 2011

Help Needed

As most of you know, Betsy & Adam are expecting a baby in October. On Monday it was discovered that Betsy has a large blood clot in her leg and a part of it has passed into her lung. She has been in a great deal of pain and was admitted to the hospital for a few days but was able to go home yesterday. She is on strict bed-rest and needs to give herself shots 1-2 times daily.

This is where the "help needed" comes in. The medication she needs is very expensive and her insurance does not cover it. We are asking, in addition to thoughts and prayers, for any help you can give. I am working on setting up an account that you can donate to but for now, just contact me (Catie) and I will let you know what to do.



Dana said...

Just making sure she is taking heparin and not lovenox. Lovenox is ridiculously expensive and sometimes docs just assume your insurance will pay for it. Lovenox is a lower molecular weight of heparin essentially. I am guessing they already know all of this but just in case, heparin is pretty cheap. I was on it with my last baby. Scary thing for her to go through with a first.

AdamandBetsy said...

Just to give everyone an update on what is happening. Betsy was in the hospital from Monday to Wednesday of last week for Blood clots in her leg. The blood clots went through her heart and into her lung last Saturday and they prescribed Lonovox, a blood thinner. Unfortunately, this is a medicine that costs upwards of $3,200 per month and our insurance will not cover any of it so our doctor switched her over to Hephran which is a cheaper version of the same thing. After taking that for a day she was back in the hospital thursday evening to friday night at which time they put her back on Lonovox. We are currently working with the drug manufacturer as they offer those without insurance an assistance program in which they cover the cost of the drug. Unfortunately, they do not offer this for those with insurance, which we have although they won't cover any of the meds. I honestly don't know why I pay $500 a month for insurance...