Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reunion Update

As far as reunion plans go, this is what we have so far. Pretty much everyone has told me that they will not be available on Friday so we are only planning activities for Saturday the 6th.

Grandpa has requested that we do a family Temple trip in the morning. I don't know what time would work best for everyone or which Temple he would like to go to.

These are the people who have talked to me about coming:
-Lloyd & Marna (Coming)
-Larry & Michele (Coming)
-Cherry & Ross (Maybe)
-Patti & Frank (Coming)
-Heidi & Monty (Coming)
-Jim & Carla (Coming)
-Rachel Atwood (Maybe)
-Bob & Rachel (Not coming)
-Adam & Betsy (Coming)
-Josh & Catie (Coming)

If you are not on my list, or are and I have your info wrong, please let me know so that I can plan how much food I will need.

Catie McGee


Patti said...

Catie! you rock! This is awesome! Thank you!

rayecheal said...

So, I don't foresee having any problem coming, especially if we're only doing things on Saturday, I may not even have to take time off of work. What I need to know is if I need to get a hotel or if I can stay with someone. Let me know! :)