Monday, July 18, 2011

Updated updated Update

Temple Trip Info:
We are planning to attend the Bountiful Utah Temple (640 South Bountiful Boulevard, Bountiful, Utah)on Saturday morning. Anyone who wants to attend should be dressed and ready to attend the 9am Endowment session. We will be having a light lunch at my home (2983 S. Gazelle Rd (7010 W.) West Valley UT) after the session. I have not yet been able to arrange this with Brittany or Bobs kids but I am hoping to have a someone at my house to watch kids while the adults are at the Temple. Please let me know if this would be beneficial to you so that I can work it out.
These are the people who have talked with me about attending the reunion:
-Lloyd & Marna (Coming)
-Larry & Michele (Coming)
     -Dan & Elaine (???????)
     -Laura & Jesse (Not Coming)
     -Anna & Chris (Not Coming)
-Karen Atwood (Will be there in spirit)
     -Rachel Atwood (Coming)
     -Sara (Probably)
     -Elizabeth (??????)
     -Becky (??????)
-Jim & Carla (Coming)
    -Josh & Catie (Coming)
    -Derek (Will be there in Spirit)
    -Adam & Betsy (Coming)
    -Brittany (???????)
-Linda & Dave (Not Coming)
     -Cherry & Ross (Maybe)
     -KC & Jenn (???????)
-John & Julie (Not Coming)
-Bob & Rachel (Not coming)
-Patti & Frank (Coming)
-Heidi & Monty (Coming)

If there are question marks after your name, it is because I have not heard  from you!!!
If you are not on my list, or are and I have your info wrong, please let me know so that I can plan how much food I will need.

Catie McGee


Larry said...

Anna not coming

Catie said...

Thanks Larry, I will change it

Laura said...

Not coming, have fun!

sara said...

I'll probably be there. Is it just the 6th?

AdamandBetsy said...

Hey, we probably will not be there depending on how Betsy is doing by then and what her doctor says this week. So if we don't show, don't be too surprised.