Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shared Connections

Recently I read this article in the Church News.

FTA: "Recently my husband, Dale, came upon several missionary cards belonging to his grandfather, Elder Albert Kirby, who served in the Indian Territory Mission St. John Kansas Conference from 1898 to 1900."

Albert Kirby was one of the missionaries that first visited Solon and Emily McGee...

I wrote an email to Dale Kirby. He responded yesterday.

"We have the missionary journal of Albert and there are several excerpts referring to Solen and Emily McGee around November of l898. I will be glad to share these with you, and it would be wonderful to exchange additional information too."

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Larry said...

Today I received a follow-up to this contact with Albert kirby's gradnson. He sent me a bound transcribed copy of the Mission Journal of Albert Kirby 1989-1900. Interesting, it states in the intro, that "In the time he served as a missionary, Albert saw eight people convert through baptism into the Mormon Church".

Solon and Emily McGee and 7 of their children were baptized between 8 Nov 1898 and 24 July 1899. Two more were too young. Perhaps these nine were the only ones he saw converted?

The journal has day by day events. Interesting that the dates and events match perfectly with the memoir my Grandfather (Ross) wrote in 1952. He was 15 when he met the missionaries and 69-70 when he wrote his memoir.