Thursday, September 6, 2007

Different type of news

Just wanted to let everyone (in one central information location) know . . . Ross and I are having a baby. I'm six weeks pregnant and I go to the doctor's office tomorrow for confirmation. We won't have a due date or any of that information until my appointment next Tuesday. I will keep everyone posted as we go along. = )


rayecheal said...


Laura said...

Hooray for babies! Are you going to find out the sex, and are you thinking of names yet?

Lloyd said...

Congrats Cherry.
We like to keep things on an even basis. Since we have 4 Sons and 4 daughters, 13 grandsons and 13 granddaughters, we could even up the greats if you have a girl.

Cherry said...

It looks like I could have either a boy or a girl if the score is tied right now. = ) But Mom's voting for a girl too. We'll let you all know as soon as we can possibly find out what the baby is going to be.

Larry said...

The score is not tied on that generation. They are the Great grandkids. 2 boys to 1 girl, so yours would be the second. Usually if you have trouble coming up with a boys name but already have the girl name, that is a good sign.

Anyway, Congratulations.


Kleigh and Jenn said...
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Kleigh and Jenn said...

Congratulation Sis. We wish you the best of luck. What are you guys hoping for? Tell Ross i said good luck.