Thursday, September 13, 2007

News From Brigham

We're sad to report that Jerry Hilton who was the favorite math teacher of some of you children passed away yesterday of injuries sustained on a bicycle ride down the canyon above Brigham City when he was struck by a women driving through a red light. He suffered severe injuries and had undergone surgery but they removed the life support yesterday and he evidently passed away shortly after.
We will miss his cheery disposition and friendly smile and offer condolences to his family

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Larry said...

Thanks for the news. Yes that is very sad. I remember he moved into the ward the year I started 9th grade and I had him for algebra that year. He was a brand new teacher although he was a bit older and had worked some other career for a short time before going back to become a teacher. While I was in high school, he and some other teachers got their master degrees at night school at USU while teaching. I think he was also a YM advisor for me part of my time.

I'm sorry for his family.