Thursday, September 6, 2007

More news

Hi, once again, here I am bringing bad news. My dad called me this morning to give me an update. He called from my mom's cell phone, so if you are trying to reach him, you can try that number or his cell.
Anyway, now he says she has uterine cancer. I don't know why that keeps changing because first it was cervical, than it was ovarian, now it is uterine. Anyway, I guess that is where the cancer first started. After testing, they discovered that the cancer is too extensive to remove with surgery. It has spread to her bowels. So, she has to go through chemotherapy to see if that will shrink the cancer before they can do surgery. We are still waiting to find out if she and my dad can return to Bismarck for chemotherapy before the surgery.
Thanks to everyone for your prayers. We need all the divine help we can get.
Love you all!


Laura said...

Sounds scary.. we're prayin for ya.

Cherry said...

That sounds really serious. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.