Monday, September 10, 2007

The three terrors of charleston

We took Kleigh to see Bart Simpson yesterday at the mall. Here is a picture of him and me. Sorry for those of you that have never gotten to see any pictures of him. Jenn says that he looks like me and nothing like her. He recently started school and he loves going. He is 4 years old even though some people keeping on trying to say that he is only 3.

Kleigh and Jenn


Larry said...

KC, welcome to the blog. Great to see your pictures on here. How about introducing Jenn to us. How's your new job?


Patti said...

Hey KC! Good to see you and the little one. I would agree that Kleigh looks a LOT like you did at that age but I have to clarify in that I have not seen any pictures of Jenn so I couldn't say if he looks like her or not. So are you in Charleston SC now?