Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthdays for July 10th

Looks like the recent family doesn't have very many in July. Here are some distant relations:

John Knight born 10 July 1712 in Massachuasetts. Already 2nd generation in America, he was kid brother to Samuel Knight born in 1710 who is our GGGGGG Grandfather. Both lived through the American Revolution. Samuel was the grandfather of Joseph Knight.

John, Prince of England born 10 July 1266 was the third child and first son of Edward I, King of England, our 21st Great Grandfather. John died at age 6. We come through his sister Joan of Acre (our 20th GGrandmother) who was born the year that John died. Joan got her name from her birthplace, Acre, in Kingdom of Acre in present day Israel. It differentiates her from an earlier Joan born to the couple, who died in infancy. Joan of Acre was born while her Royal parents were traveling to the Middle East on the Ninth Crusade.


Lloyd said...

The ancestral birthdates are good for all of the generations to view. We appreciate you doing those to enlighten the family about their ancestors. We also have a few more BD's this month yet, i.e. Frank & Cherry on 19th, Linda and Laura on 22nd & Dave tried to sneak in by coming on Aug 1.
love you
Mom & Dad

Larry said...

Thanks for the comment Dad, its good to see that someone is reading it. I rely on Patti to make sure living relatives are recognized here. In some months we can cover almost every day of the month with recent and direct line ancestors. In July it seems like I have to branch off to indirect relatives like the two I showed yesterday.