Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marilla Terry Hansen GG Grandmother

Marilla Terry Hansen was born 2 July 1823 in Ontario Canada. She was the 10th of 13 children. The first 8 from 1803 to 1819 were born in Palmyra New York. Sometime near 1821 the family moved to Canada. Her brother Jacob Terry was born 4th of July 1805. When the Joseph Smith Sr family moved to Palmyra around 1815-16, the two familes knew each other with Jacob being closest in age to the young Joseph Smith.

When missionaries came to Canada in 1838, many of this family joined the church. They moved to Nauvoo soon after the Saints had been driven out of Missouri. In 1846, Marilla married a recent immigrant from Norway, Niels Hansen, whose first wife had died. She was 22 and he was about 39. Together they had 7 kids, all born in Iowa after the exodus from Nauvoo. Sometime after the last child was born in 1860, the family moved to Utah to be closer to her parents and siblings. Niels took his oldest son and continued on to California. Marilla's daughter Sarah married Alpheus Gifford in 1873 (coincidentally he was born at the same place in Iowa) when she was 18.

Marilla died in 1894 in Rockville Utah (inside the current boundaries of Zions National Park)

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