Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Meeting Information

Ok, so I am sitting here at work waiting because my first kid cancelled. So I figured I would plot out tentative dates and locations for the next reunions so everyone would have a clearer idea. It is not set in stone and is always up for negotiations but here goes:
Reunions (date~location~sibling in charge)
2009 Summer ~Utah~Karen (of course this is shared among the Utah relatives to help out Rachel, Lizzy and Sara)
2010 Summer ~ Oregon ~Linda (Cherry is hosting in Oregon in lieu of us all going to Alaska)
2011 Summer ~ Utah ~ Jim
2012 Christmas ~ So. California ~ John
(Since we don't think we could do a reunion within 6 months the next one gets bumped out 18 months instead)
2014 Summer ~ Utah~ Bob
(again 6 months is too soon)
2015 Christmas ~Arizona~ Patti
2017 Summer ~Utah~ Heidi
2018 Summer~No. California ~ Larry

And to help with Christmas planning (although this surprised me that anyone would need to know this since we've been doing it for at least 19 years possibly 20 now)
2008 Christmas:
Larry buys for Bob
Karen's girls buy for Patti
Jim buys for Heidi
Linda buys for Larry
John buys for Karen's girls
Bob buys for Jim
Patti buys for Linda
Heidi buys for John

Focus the gift on the siblings and spouse except in the case of Rachel/Lizzy/Sara. Suggested dollar amount to be about $25 and gift cards are not taboo.
Does that sound right to you all? Remind us to appoint a secretary for next year's meeting so we actually get minutes. I nominate Linda :-)

Love ya all


Monty and Heidi said...

Sounds good
You seemed to make a pretty good secretary. Why don't you keep it up?:)
Oh yeah, Frank doesn't want you in charge of everything, huh?
18 months still seems too long to get together. I think 6 months would be fine, but I don't know how anyone else feels.
Love ya

Patti said...

How does everyone else feel about doing reunions at 18 months or at 6 months out? Let us know!
And How in the world can I be the secretary AND the "family spokesperson/big mouth" ;-) at the same time? Someone needs to be writing while I am talking ;-)That is why I nominate Linda. She can shorthand as fast and as much as I talk.
love ya back