Thursday, July 31, 2008

William Cheney 10th Greatgrandfather

William Cheney born 31 July 1603 in England. He arrived in Boston in about 1635 and was living in Roxbury by 1640. He was the " Founder & Dire Roxb Latin Sch Roxbury Free School" . He died in 1667. He begins his will with his Testimony:

"Being sick of body and of perfect understanding & memory according to my measure I doe make this my last will & Testament. I doe committ my soul into the Armes of the Everlasting mercy of God my saviour & deare & blessed Redeemer & my body unto my friends & relations to be decently interred by them in hope of a blessed Resurection."

We come through his daughter Mehitable who was born in 1643. She is the direct maternal ancestor to Alpheus Gifford (1849).


Larry said...

This person is also 8th Great grandfather to the Vice-president, Richard Cheney.

Patti said...

Hmmmm.... Interesting.... DO you think Mr. Cheney minds being related to us?

And Frank said "That explains a lot" with a smile on his face :-)

Larry said...

Thanks for your comment. Now I know at least one person is reading? Have you ever figured out how you are related to Frank? Laura and Jesse are, among other things 26th cousins 3 times removed (26C3R) or 31st cousins.

I don't know enough about Frank (or any other spouses) to figure it out.

That also might explain a few things.


rayecheal said...

I think you have more information than I do. I couldn't even find this guy in my PAF file! Do you think you could send me a copy of your information? I'm not sure exactly how, but I would appreciate it.