Saturday, July 26, 2008

July birthdays

Alpheus Gifford 26 July 1849 and Sarah Elizabeth Hansen 11 July 1856 were Dad's grandparents. I already mentioned them in a blog on her mother. Somehow I left Sarah's birthday off my list until now.

They were both born in Mt. Pisgah Iowa. Alpheus was born during the pioneer exodus. He was the oldest. His next younger sibling ( a sister) was born in Manti in 1851. The family stayed in Manti till after 1862 but had moved to Southern Utah by 1867 when another sister(9th child) was born. Alpheus was 24 when he married Sarah (age 17) in 1873 in Springdale Utah.

Sarah's family had settled in Iowa and didn't complete the emmigration until after her youngest sister, the last of 7 children was born in Iowa in 1860.

At the time of their marriage, the St. George Temple was under construction. It was dedicated in 1877 and they were sealed as a family the same year in St. George. At the time, she was expecting her third child (The first had died at birth, the second was 2 years old. He died at age 14). We come through their 13th and last child, Elsie Gifford McGee, born when Alpheus was 46 years old and Sarah was 39.

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