Monday, October 22, 2007

Andy's Homework

This is me, playing piano and singing... I'm no professional, this is just for fun. And I know, I sound all nasily*spelling?* and other tonal stuff... but as i've said, it's for fun.


I'm looking out passed my window sill
I see a girl standing still
Starin' up at the deep blue sky
As if watching the clouds pass by.
I yell out, "What do you see?"
She replies, "The leaves are green, again."

It's a nice day outside
I should go out and not hide.
The little girl is beckoning,
with a smile, she says to me,
"Sir, have you seen
That the leaves are green, again?"

So I go out and look up
It truly is quite the shock.
"You are right in what you say,
it's a beautiful day.
And now I can share what I've seen.
And tell them all that the leaves are green, again."

-Andy Chow


rayecheal said...

Thanks for sharing that! I really enjoyed it, you'll have to keep us posted if you do anymore. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a great career!

Laura said...

Wow you have fun homework. And you did a great job with it! You should team up with your ollerton friend. (The word you want in the first line is "past.")

JoshandCatie said...

Wow, that was really cool! Thank you for sharing it!