Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Future Reunions

The McGee Family reunion is scheduled for the July 4th Weekend 2008 in Pacifica CA. We're looking forward to having most of the family visit. Here are a few pictures to get you prepared for what is possible around here.

Michele saw this whale on the beach on Monday, but when she took Katie there after school, it had washed back out to sea.

The middle view is from the top of the bluff looking down to the beach.

The last view is from a restaurant in the hotel that Michele stayed at the first time she came to visit me in Pacifica. (She didn't take these pictures, but they show what is possible to see around here.)

So get your plans arranged. Let us know that you are coming and how many so we can calculate the layout of sleeping bags and airmattresses.

Larry and Michele


Cherry said...

Ross and I are planning on coming. Will probably just be the two of us now. We'll keep you posted.

JoshandCatie said...

As of now we are planing to be there. Catie may have to take a class this summer. I'm not sure what my work schedule will be. For now plan on the 3 of us, and we will let you know if anything changes.

Lloyd said...

We are planning on being there along with attending Katie's baptism, Andy's graduation and his Eagle award presentation if they can all be arranged within a reasonable time window
love Mom and Dad

britt said...

i was planning on coming it really just depends on if i can save the money to get a flight.