Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Optical Illusion

This is pretty weird. Do you see the figure spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Which leg is she standing on? If you look away, then back using your peripheral vision, it may change.

I was pretty convinced this was a hoax at first, and that it was designed to switch directions at random intervals. Then Jesse came home and we saw it differently.... He was getting really mad because I kept saying I saw her on her right foot and he couldn't understand why I couldn't see that she was on her left! So I guess it really is an illusion. Pretty cool, possibly the only "moving" illusion I've seen. How do you see it? Can you make it switch at will? BTW, I highly doubt this is a valid "right-brain/left-brain" test, but it is fun.

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rayecheal said...

What a fun little illusion. At first I saw her spinning clockwise with standing on her left leg. I showed my roommate and she said that she couldn't see how someone could see her spinning the other way. It was funny, but we both got her to switch, but not always at the same time. It was pretty entertaining!! Thanks for sharing that!