Friday, October 19, 2007


Hi everyone! You may have already guessed from my title here, but I have been officially accepted to the Jerusalem Center!!!! I'm really excited, though I'm still not sure where the money is going to come from. I am still accepting freewill donations of every kind. Thanks to those who have contributed, no matter how small the amount, and thanks to those who have expressed desire to help even if they don't have the means to do so.
Anyway, I am working on a student loan, so I don't want anyone to fill bad if they can't help. I think I will be alright. My scholarship covers the cost of tuition, so with that help and the donations I have received, I only have 76.5% of the money left to pay.
That probably sounds like a lot, but it is way better than having 100% to pay, and I have until the end of November to make the final payment.
Anyway, I'm really excited! Here are some pictures of Jerusalem so you can see what I'm getting in to:


Michele said...

So tell us more about the program. When does it start and how long will you be there? Where will you stay? What will you be doing? Is this part of your degree program? Very curious and happy you have this opportunity.

JoshandCatie said...

That's so exciting!!! We are happy for you!

rayecheal said...

It begins on January 8 and ends April 24, just a little shorter than a regular Winter semester. I will be living in the dorms of the Jerusalem Center. The last picture displayed is actually of the dorms.
Basically I will be studying the culture and history of the area and I will be learning Arabic. We study the New and I believe Old testaments and go on field trips to the sites of the area. It is not part of my degree, though as a linguistics major, learning Arabic and having experience living abroad doesn't hurt me any at all.
For more information, you can go to: