Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Does anyone have . . . .

I am looking for a full, complete list of the birthdays for our family. (It's for a Christmas project.) Does anyone have that and could I get a copy?


Larry said...

Cherry, Do you have a copy of the Family History program called PAF (Personal Ancestral File)?

It is available free from this site: PAF Link

Once you have that, I can send you a file with all the family listed (perhaps missing some spousal information) that you can use to build that list.


Let me know how much data you want. Dates are reasonably accurate for the last 200 years. Or I could limit it to descendents of Lloyd and Marna for this blog.

JoshandCatie said...

Hey Larry,
I would like to have that information too. If you could send it to me that would be great. I already have the PAF file on my computer.

Cherry said...

I downloaded the software. I think just the Lloyd/Marna descendants would be best. For now. If you don't mind. That would be great.
Thank you,

Larry said...

I sent a small version (50 people) to Cherry. (148K in size) I don't have an email for Josh and Catie. My email is

So please send the requests to me at that address. The full file is about 14MB.