Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Birthday

Happy Birthday Dad.
Hope you enjoy the day and this look back.


Linda Anderton said...


love, Linda, Dave and Sam

Laura said...

Have a great day Grandpa. :o) Laura, Jesse, & Whitney

JoshandCatie said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!
Josh Catie & Benjamin

Cherry said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa. A

ll these older photos are great. You can definitely see the family resemblance of everyone. = )

Hugs and Love,
Ross and Cherry

Lloyd said...

Thanks to all of you for your messages. We went to dinner at Maddox and then went to see the movie, Passage to Zarahemla
Dad (Grandpa)

Patti said...

Happy Birthday Dad!
Sorry it was so late, had a late work day/class day.
Love you tons!

Michele said...

Opps, I'm late with my wishes! Happy Birthday! I love the photo with the eye protection while mixing chemicals. You look very happy.