Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Andy's application to BYU is due by Dec 1. The housing options start on the 10th. Any advice about housing and meal plans? Choices are Helaman Halls, Wyview Park, and Heritage Halls. There are lots of different meal plans. Also, what about Freshman Academy?


rayecheal said...

I didn't stay in the dorms my freshman year (I didn't know I was coming to BYU until after it was too late). I talked to some other people and this is the suggestion I got: Definitely not Wyview, it is too far to walk. Helaman is good for the meal plan, at Heritage you have to buy groceries. So, if you want to cook, than Heritage is good, but otherwise choose Helaman.
As for Freshman Academy, I don't really know anyone who did that. If the classes in Freshman Academy are ones that you are going to take anyway, then go ahead and do it, otherwise its not worth it.
I hope this helps!

Patti said...

I would have to say that Rachel is the authority as I think she is the only family member to actually attend BYU so far.